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Reading the topic you must have thought about what this article is going to be all about. 

This article will tell you all about Mortgage Advisors in Melbourne. Whether their services are worth it, When to meet them, How much they cost you and what necessary documents they can help you with preparation. 

As you are already aware from our last blog about Mortgage Broker, that mortgage advice can be extremely beneficial whether you are purchasing a home for the first time or simply remortgaging. 

Getting independent guidance from independent mortgage brokers in Melbourne can mean the difference between a successful and unsuccessful mortgage application. It could also lead to a far better bargain, potentially saving you hundreds of dollars throughout your mortgage.

But the question remains there…

Who is a mortgage advisor?

A Mortgage Advisor is a trained specialist who specialises in locating the best mortgage arrangement for your needs. They are frequently referred to as mortgage brokers, but there is no practical distinction between an Advisor and a Broker. 

But there is a distinction between independent and linked mortgage brokers or mortgage advisors in Melbourne that you should be aware of. Independent mortgage brokers in Melbourne can discover mortgages across the entire Australian market, whereas a tied broker is limited to a few providers and may not be able to get as good a deal.

Although some independent financial advisors may provide mortgage assistance, like any Mortgage Advisor/ Broker, who is usually a dedicated mortgage specialist. A Mortgage Advisor will usually improve your chances of getting a loan and of finding the best mortgage arrangement for you according to your needs.

A mortgage advisor can help you locate the greatest alternative for you, just like a broker can help you find the best firms and finance. He or she may also assist you with the application procedure and provides exceptional assistance to you if you are looking to purchase a home. The biggest distinction between a mortgage advisor and a broker is the education and experience required for each position.

A mortgage advisor may provide you with more than just guidance when it comes to purchasing a home.

  • Provide advice on mortgage protection, repayments, refinancing, and other topics 

  • Provide building insurance in addition to the mortgage itself

Even though a mortgage advisor can discuss a wide range of financial topics with you, they are not required to take any specialised training courses or hold any professional credentials. This is another feature that distinguishes them from a mortgage broker. They will be required to complete a basic training course, but it will focus on customer service and relations.

The path to becoming an advisor is quite straightforward, with most people starting as customer service representatives in banks or administrative roles inside financial services firms. If they desire to pursue a career as a dedicated mortgage advisor, they can start their further training at that time.

Is it worth using a mortgage advisor’s services?

Well, now you have known that a mortgage advisor and a mortgage broker are the same. But there is still a question in mind whether it is worth using their services or not? 

Let’s look deep into some of the points that state what benefits you gain while using a mortgage advisor’s services. 

  • They’ll look into your finances to make sure you’ll be able to meet the lender’s lending and affordability requirements.

  • They might have special arrangements with lenders that aren’t available anywhere else.

  • They frequently assist you in completing documentation, so your application should be processed more quickly.

  • They’ll assist you in considering all of the fees and features of the mortgage, not just the interest rate.

  • They only suggest acceptable mortgages and tell you which ones are most likely to be approved and fit according to your needs.

These points portray a clear picture that using the services of an independent mortgage brokers in Melbourne will save you a lot of time and money.

Why it’s usually a requirement that you get mortgage advice

The above reason is enough to state that the services of mortgage advisors in Melbourne are worth using, but why it has become a necessity to get a bit of advice before landing into mortgaging things. Let’s learn about it.

Independent mortgage advisors are well-versed in the various types of mortgages offered by various institutions. They can conduct market research on your behalf and make recommendations for the greatest bargain.

Finding these discounts on your own takes a lot of study and multiple conversations with different lenders about your situation.

An Advisor may also be able to locate a deal that you are unable to locate on your own. They can also boost your chances of getting a mortgage more easily because they’ll know which lenders are best suited to your situation.

If you don’t have a significant deposit, haven’t been with your job for a long time, or are self-employed, this becomes very crucial to get an expert’s advice and grab the best deal.

But, what if you still do not want to take the mortgage advisor’s advice? There must be some risks that you should know beforehand.

Risks of not getting advice

Your Mortgage Advisor will recommend an appropriate mortgage for your needs and circumstances if you seek regulated mortgage advice rather than conducting your own research.

You have the right to file a complaint if the mortgage turns out to be unsuitable for any reason. When you seek guidance, you automatically gain greater rights.

If you don’t seek help, you’ll be solely responsible for your mortgage decision. And you might find yourself in the following situations:

Applying for a mortgage that does not meet the lender’s lending criteria, turns out to be an expensive mistake in the long term.

So, getting such expert help would prevent you from several risks.

When to see a Mortgage Advisor

A mortgage advisor will save you a lot of money and prevent you from getting into trouble, but only saying this won’t help out. When to see a mortgage advisor is also a crucial part. 

Seeing a mortgage consultant at the start of your mortgage journey is critical, whether you’re getting your first mortgage or wanting to re-mortgage. In the long run, it will save you a lot of time and work.

It’s a good idea to contact a few different companies to see what they have to offer and to compare prices. Contacting only one advisor and sticking to it won’t help. Search for several other options of Mortgage Advisors in Melbourne. And find the best for you. 

Mortgage Advisors are divided into two categories.

First one: Mortgage Advisors that are directly connected to lenders usually only recommend loans from that lender.

Second: Mortgage brokers, often known as independent mortgage advisors, can examine a variety of mortgages from several lenders. They even search the entire market to provide you with a greater selection of products.

Choosing a broker or Advisor who offers a “whole of market” service makes sense. This implies they have access to the broadest range of lenders and mortgages.

Are Mortgage Advisor’s services free?

And here comes the big question that must be running through in your mind since the start of this blog. 

So, let me tell you the good news.

The good news is that the advice of independent mortgage brokers in Melbourne doesn’t have to be expensive because they get paid entirely by the lender as a commission.

If you choose a broker who charges a fee, the fee will be computed on an hourly or flat-price basis. But if you choose Scouty Finance for your mortgage related problems, you don’t need to pay a single penny. 

Well, this is a great news. Isn’t it?

How much does independent mortgage advice cost?

What if a mortgage advisor charges you some fees?

Still there is no issue. All you need to do is be cautious for the money you pay. 

Depending on the product you choose or the value of the mortgage, mortgage advisors in Melbourne may charge you for their services. This fee may be a flat fixed rate, an hourly rate, or a percentage of the loan amount.

While there may be some mortgage advisors who charge fees from you and receive commissions from lenders at the same time. Don’t worry about it as well. 

Just be informed about how that mortgage advisor is compensated as well as all costs associated with advice offered to you.

The fee can be added to the mortgage and you will be charged interest on both the fee and the rest of the mortgage until the entire loan is paid off. But you must consent to it first.

Your advisor must provide you with a mortgage illustration document when they make a suggestions.

Mortgage illustration document

A mortgage illustration document is a paper that contains a lot of the information about the mortgage you’re being given. These information is being outlined in the mortgage illustration document. This comprises:

  • The quantity and frequency of your repayments.

  • Any fees or expenses you must pay up in advance to obtain a mortgage.

  • The total cost of the mortgage, including interest, over the life of the loan, the rate of interest, and the type of interest (fixed or variable).

  • What happens if interest rates go up, and how does it affect your payments?

  • If the mortgage has any unique features, such as the possibility to overpay or underpay.

  • If you can make overpayments on your mortgage and if there are any penalties for doing so?

  • What happens if you decide you no longer want the mortgage?

  • And how long the reflection period is, at least seven days, or more depending on the lender.

This makes it easier to comprehend what you’re agreeing to and allows you to compare mortgage offers immediately.


When receiving information from a mortgage expert, you should not feel overwhelmed or rushed. Remember that you are under no obligation to follow any advice you get until you sign on the dotted line. 

And if you are searching for mortgage advisor who come to help you in despair, Scouty Finance is the best option for you. We have a whole team of independent mortgage advisors in Melbourne that comes to your rescue. 

You can feel free to contact us. We are happy to help you.

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